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When you're setting yourself up to travel somewhere you've never been, you need to consider a whole lot of things. These include for example how you will communicate with the locals, what kind of food you will eat and or not eat and so on. Now among those things are also what you are going to wear. And in particular, in this blog post I want to talk about your footwear and the best travel shoes to get for the trip.

There are several types of shoes that travelers commonly take with them on their trips. Not every kind of shoe is a good idea to take with you. It will also depend on the type of trip you are having. For example, most people will not need dancing shoes when they go abroad. It's more likely that you will need something like sneakers or sandals or maybe hiking boots, depending on where you're going and what you're going to do.

Weather is a major factor when deciding what are the best travel shoes to take with you. Also keep in mind when you board a plane, you will have one pair of shoes already on your feet. This is a good thing because it saves your luggage space.

So, when you think about what you're going to wear on the plane, make sure you put on some shoes that are fairly versatile. It's not a good idea to wear sandals or huge boots on a plane because you might either feel cold, or too hot. Keep in mind that you will be wearing these shoes also in the airport terminals, which are often air-conditioned and cold, and also outside where it may be very hot.

So for these shoes you want something that is reasonably light but will not keep your feet cold while you are in the airport terminal, for example. You probably do not need the most sturdy type of footwear for the plane because you are going to be sitting most of the time. Even in the airport terminal you are going to be walking only on smooth floors and not through rugged terrain.


Other than this basic advice above, do not over-think this issue. Probably most types of shoes that you can think of will work reasonably well on the plane. Just think like this: you want to be sure that your feet are not too hot and not too cold and also that your shoes need to come off and on fairly easily because of the customs checks. Remember that you need to take off your shoes at many airports before you can board your plane. That's something to keep in mind.